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Master and Bachelor internship

Internship projects are available on various aspects of NMR spectroscopy, electrocatalysis and redox flow batteries. The student will develop a skill set in either NMR spectroscopy or electrochemistry, both are fundamentally fun and practically useful. Systems of interest are 1) electrochemical reduction of carbon dioxide; 2) electrochemical synthesis of ammonia; 3) redox flow battery. All these projects center around the overarching goal of helping mitigate climate change. For enquiries of project details, please contact Evan (


Lego credit: Dongxun Lyu

Project 1. MRI of flow in advanced redox flow battery electrodes.

Project 2. Synthesizing and understanding redox-active organic molecules for redox flow batteries.

Project 3. Developing coupled benchtop NMR and EPR methods for studying redox flow batteries.

Project 4. Machine-learning analysis and optimization of redox flow batteries.

Project 5. Understanding Li nitridation for electrochemical ammonia synthesis by operando NMR

Project 6. Machine-learning force field calculation of reaction intermediates for Li-mediated ammonia synthesis

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