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Master and undergraduate internship

Internship projects are available on various aspects of NMR spectroscopy, electrocatalysis and redox flow batteries. The student will develop a skill set in either NMR spectroscopy or electrochemistry, both are fundamentally fun and practically useful. Systems of interest are 1) electrochemical capture and utilization of carbon dioxide; 2) electrochemical synthesis of ammonia; 3) redox flow battery. The overarching goal of these projects is to help mitigate climate change. Interested in doing state-of-the-art research in the futuristic Goudsmit Pavilion or simply learning more?  Please contact Evan ( ;)

Postdoc/PhD position

A PhD position on developing operando solid-state and solution NMR (and EPR) methods for studying redox flow batteries will be available in 2024. For interested candidates, please get in touch. We can discuss project details and timeline.


Lego credit: Dongxun Lyu

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